About Us

Vivai Nasant

Nasant irrigates, purifies and coats the nasal passages. Nasant is free of chemicals and is 100% plant based.

Certified 3rd party lab tested. Grown, processed and bottled in USA.

Plant based therapeutics for improved health

Our quest to link the botanical and the anatomical led us to dive head first down the proverbial health and nutrition rabbit hole. After 23 years of global exploration, research and development, we finally emerge equipped with plant based therapeutics for health and higher consciousness.

Our Story

Vivai Life Science was born of the agriculture industry and consists of process innovators, quality-control leaders and an agile research & development team.

We believe that human intellectual capacity when harnessed for the greater good has no limit. We believe that the high quality natural therapeutics should be available and affordable to all humans. These tenets combined with speed, agility, unprejudiced curiosity and a culture where steel sharpens steel has driven Vivai to be a global leader of plant based therapeutics for all humankind.